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Felice Varini: 15 points of view

Felice Varini: 15 points of view

May, 2016
Yerevan, HayArt Centre of the Arts

Opening of the exhibition “15 points of view“ of the Swiss artist Felice Varini at "Hay Art" Cultural Centre, Mashtots Avenue 7a, Yerevan, Armenia, May 3rd, 2016 at 6 pm

The Embassy of Switzerland in Armenia and Foundation “KulturDialog Armenien” will present the exhibition “15 points of view” with works by the Swiss artist Felice Varini at the “Hay Art” cultural center in Yerevan, Armenia, from May 3rd to 13th, 2016.

Felice Varini (b. 1952) has been exploring architectural space with art works for over twenty years. His sensitive interventions into those spaces have fascinated observers all over the world, as his work turns seeing into a real experience.

Varini takes enclosed spaces or the urban environment and arranges geometric, abstract installations in them. Those formal organizations might be not comprehensible at first glance. But, suddenly, they concentrate the viewers’ glance at a single point, the “point of view”, exploring the features of the specific architectural building.

Thanks to the exhibition “15 Points of View” the Armenian audience will be given the chance to gain an insight into a peculiar point of view, which is aimed to combine contemporary art and architectural space.

May 3-13