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Europe of Diasporas

Europe of Diasporas

June, 2016
Bulgaria, Plovid

The photo exhibition “A Europe of Diasporas” will begin its European tour Monday June 27 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The event will be held in the building of the Regional Administration at the initiative of the local group of AGBU of Young Professionals and under the patronage of the Governor of Plovdiv, Mr. Zdravko Dimitrov.

The exhibition consists of 20 prints selected among the entries of an international photo competition organized in the first three months of 2016. The entries into the competition presented personal perspectives on the life and heritage of the Jewish, Armenian, Roma and Assyrian diasporas in Europe. The exhibition thus puts on display the beautiful work of 14 outstanding photographers from 11 different European countries. These photos were first exhibited in the European Parliament on May 2 during the conference “A Europe of Diasporas”.

June 27