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A Room of Photographer’s Own

A Room of Photographer’s Own

December, 2016
4 Plus Documentary Center, Yerevan

Photography intrudes. It penetrates where the camera is often uninvited in order to record the issues and the images, which are of interest to the society. Thus, the photograph makes public that, which is usually intimate and private, uncovering the problems and links between the individual and the world at large. Pushing off this idea, the five photographers included in this exhibition turn themselves into objects of scrutiny and interpretation. Turning the camera upon their private environments, Nazik Armenakyan, Anush Babajanyan, Anahit Hayrapetyan, Piruza Khalayan and Nelli Shishmanyan investigate the borders of this interior space. Where do they begin and end for practicing, professional photographers who also happen to be wives and mothers? And how much of it can be made visible to the gaze of the other? The answers, which the exhibiting works provide to this question, take the viewer towards different directions, revealing the fragile connection between inside and outside, as well as the surprising diversity of contemporary documentary photographic practice.

The exhibition is organized by 4 Plus Documentary Photography Center, Yerevan, with support from Lusadaran Armenian Photography Foundation. The exhibition will be open until January 31st.

Curator: Vigen Galstyan