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Vigen Vartanov. Immersion Into the World of Images

Vigen Vartanov. Immersion Into the World of Images

May, 2019
Karvasla Museum, Tbilisi

The photos of Vigen Vartanov can be compared to cinematography in the impact they have on the viewer. They are an open portal to unexplored surrealistic realities, like a kingdom of dreams, they evoke multi-layered, black-and-white worlds filled with mystical codes and meanings.

His creative work fell outside the rigid Soviet system of “socialist realism,” the only artistic style accepted during most years of his lifetime. Knowing this, during his career which spans 60 years, Vartanov never published those images. Finally, several years after the death of the artist, the Vartanov family has returned to the negatives, printing and restoring his visions, almost a half-century after their creation.

May 5-11