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Searches In The Fading World

Searches In The Fading World

December, 2013
ACCEA, Yerevan

What is the  man losing and what is he  starting to search for  even if belated. It is not  for  granted, but  it is a fact that all of us have lost something, somewhere. We have such a feeling. From time-to-time we  are active, passive and then again... "Remnants of the  Soviet", "Under the  Same Sun", "Kond" and "Stopped Moment" titles have an  aura of search deep inside. Something has been lost untimely; be  it energy, the  Soviet, or a moment... Search and find it. Establish Your real world, where You, Yourself, will  feel good.  

The exhibition is dedicated to the rapidly disappearing historical aura of Yerevan's Kond district. 

Curator. Arpa Hacopian

December 3 - 2014, January 25