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Black and White: A group exhibition

Black and White: A group exhibition

November, 2008
ACCEA, Yerevan
Contemporary photography has crossed a long way through perfection of production processes, and eventually is becoming an inseparable part of the “digital” world. 
In spite of variety of contrasting opinions, photography may be defined as a powerful tool of documental reproduction of objective reality. During the development of this means of expression there were many debates on its artistic merit. Artists and painters of the past century have treated “photography” as merely mechanical reproduction of reality!      
However, gradually the opinion that the art of photography, if it can be considered as such, must be developed not as an extension of painting, but on its own merits. Merits/techniques which are specific only to photography. 
Historically being the origin of photography, the contemporary black and white photograph imposes its unique aesthetics through artificial deformation of reality. It carries within it artist’s subjective attitude towards its subject and continues to remain as one of the most important expressions of the “art of photography”.
Approaches of participants of “Black/White” exhibition differ by their photographic solutions and themes as well as their vantage-points.  

Eduard Tadevossian
Vahram Akimyan

November 7-29