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Harutyun Manuki Yeranosyan

1929 - 2010

1960 - 1980s

A coach and physical education teacher by profession, Harutyun Yeranosyan has also practiced photography throughout his entire career. He graduated from the Yerevan State Institute of Physical Culture and became a senior lecturer at the Department of Physical Education of Yerevan State University in 1963. In acknowledgment of his achievements, Yeranosyan was awarded the title of Honorary Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of the Armenian SSR in 1970.

Yeranosyan made an important contribution to the development of hiking and active leisure culture in Armenia. To that end, he authored and published several manuals as well as photo-albums dedicated to picturesque sites in Armenia. The most widespread of the latter is the album The World of Ancient Monuments.

The colour slides used in this publication were made during various campaigns and represent Armenia's historic monuments and especially the natural vistas, from unexpected, non-standard points of view. It is also interesting to note that this miniature album is the smallest of all photo books to have been published in Armenia.






USSR, Armenia, ArmSSR


Akhaltskha (b.), Yerevan


amateur photography, documentary


analogue photography, photobook


Yeranosyan, Harutyun. Hanguyn Hushardzanneri Ashkharhum [In the World of Ancient Monuments, in Armenian], Sovetakan Grogh, Yerevan, 1976 

Yeranosyan, Harutyun. Hayreni Bnashkharh [Native Nature, in Armenian], Yerevan State University, 1984

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