Database of Armenian photo-media practioners

Ashot Naziri Sargsyan

born 1953

1970 - 1980s

Working as a staff photographer, Ashot Sargsyan has supplied the journal ‘Hayastani Ashkhatavoruhi (Armenian Woman Worker) with portraits and photo-reportages for nearly two decades. He received his higher education at the Geology department of Yerevan State University.(1) However, being taken by photography since his student years, he pursued a career in this field instead. Most of Sargsyan's published work is comprised of portraits and landscape studies. These images reflect the photographer’s lyrical-romantic worldview in which the human subject appears in perfect harmony with their surroundings. Sargsyan preferred the possibilities of colour photography and staging, which imbues his photographs with a slightly theatrical quality. Of particular note are his adulatory portrait of female-artists and professionals, which aimed to stress the essential role of women in the development of progressive socio-cultural relations.


1) For biographical details see Vahan Kochar, Hay Lusankarichner[Armenian Photographers], self-published, 2007, p289




USSR, Armenia, ArmSSR




artistic, documentary, photo correspondent


analogue photography


Kochar, Vahan. Hay lusankarichner [in Armenian], self-published, 2007, p.289

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