Database of Armenian photo-media practioners

Zhora Mkhitaryan

1960 - 1970s

The only information regarding photo-journalist Zhora Mkhitaryan’s practice are his photographs reproduced in the Armenian press between the 1960s and 1980s. They were published in journals such as Garun (Spring), Arvest (Art), Sovetakan Hayastan (Soviet Armenia) magazines and Grakan Tert (Literary Newspaper).

Mkhitaryan's works are quite diverse and represent scenes of industrial work and street life as well as landscapes, portraits and events shot for reportage purposes. From a creative point of view, the photographer achieved his best results in the depictions of Armenia’s industrial sector. Taking advantage of sharp compositional and lightning contrast, Mkhitaryan conveys the dramatically tense atmosphere of the factories as well as the aesthetic peculiarities of these coarse spaces. Making use of similar devices, Mkhitaryan's poetically imbued landscapes shares certain aspects with the ‘subjective’ and lyrical directions of late modernist photography in the 1960s.




USSR, Armenia, ArmSSR




artistic, documentary


analogue photography