Database of Armenian photo-media practioners

Inna Mkhitaryan

born 1976

2000 - 2010s

Inna Mkhitaryan began her career as a TV journalist, graduating from Yerevan Pedagogical Institute's Journalism Department.(1) After taking Ruben Mangasaryan’s photography courses at the Caucasus Media Institute in 2005, Mkhitaryan decided to focus her practice in the area of documentary reportage. In the latter years she has shot numerous assignments for Armenia Now, National Geographic Traveller Armenia, BBC News and other news organizations as a freelance photographer. Mkhitaryan's work revolves around large-scale thematic projects that aim to highlight many of the ongoing social issues in Armenia. In this regard, her extensive investigative series devoted to environmental and industrial subjects (Copper City, 2009 and Kajaran, 2014) deserve to be singled out. An adherent of ‘straight’ documentary photography, Mkhitaryan views humans in and through their immediate environment. Her photographs are usually free from the allegorical or metaphysical  tendencies, and attempt to directly convey the existing issues of the present reality through sharp and instantly recognisable visual pointers.

In 2010, Mkhitaryan co-founded the Ruben Mangasaryan Foundation, which aims to support the development of documentary photography in Armenia. She is also a frequent collaborator of the 4Plus Documentary Photography Center.

1) Biographical details were given to the author by the photographer via email correspondence in 2016. 





Armenia, ArmSSR






digital photography


mOther Armenia, exhibition catalogue, 4 Plus Documentary Center, Yerevan, 2014


2011: Industrial Symphony, photography and the post-industrial age, ACCEA, Yerevan
2014: mOther Armenia, ACCEA, Yerevan

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