Database of Armenian photo-media practioners

Ahot Korkotyan

1980 - 1990s

Korkotyan is a musician by profession. He began to take photographs as a hobby by taking portraits of family and friends. After discovering the artistic potential of the medium, he gradually began to make more concentrated efforts in this area.

In line with his musical practice, Korkotyan’s photographs represent aspects of daily life through a lyrical- poetic lens. The artist's gaze is focused on capturing the rhythm, movement and spatial layers that he finds in the most ordinary phenomena - in still-lifes, nature as well as in his photographs of the female body. This approach is conditioned by the photographer’s belief that music and photography ‘complement and continue one another.’(1) In his photographic études, Corcotian is attracted by the search for harmony as well as photography’s ability to transform the ordinary and reveal the unseen. 

(1) Ashot Korkotyan, (autobiographical sketch, in Armenian), Arvest, nos. 2-3, 1991




USSR, Armenia, ArmSSR




artistic, amateur photography


analogue photography


(Untitled). Ashot Korkotyan [in Armenian], Arvest, no.1, 1990, pp.50-53

Korkotyan, Ashot. (autobiographical sketch, in Armenian), Arvest, nos. 2-3, 1991

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