Database of Armenian photo-media practioners

Felix Hayki Arustamyan

born 1950

1970 - 2000s

Working in photojournalism since the early 1970s, Felix Arustamyan currently heads the photo-chronicle department of Armenpress news agency. Having made photographs from teenage years, Arustamyan practiced his skills at the photo-club organised by the Pioneer Palace in Yerevan. Showing particularly inclination for photographing sporting events, Arustamyan was employed by the weekly ‘Hayastani Fizkulturnik’ (‘Physical Training in Armenia’) in 1973. He joined the Armenpress news agency after Armenia’s independence in 1991. (1)

Arustamyan's photos of the 1970s and 2000s are of factual nature: quickly captured shots of events in which the photographer has tried to get clear visual evidence without any traces of a personal point of view . Striving for journalistic objectivity and ‘truthfulness’, the naturalistic propensity of these images pertains to their function as historical and archival documents.

1) Luisa Avagyan. 'Fotolragrutyan Mej Argelkner Chkan. Felix Arustamyan' [in Armenian],,




AzSSR, USSR, Armenia, ArmSSR


Slahi village (Nakhijevan autonomous republic, b.), Yerevan


documentary, photo correspondent, photojournalist


analogue photography, digital photography


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