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Mika Vatinyan: Description

Mika Vatinyan: Description

May, 2015
Yerevan, Dalan Gallery

‘De-Scription’ is Mika Vatinyan’s first personal exhibition, organized by Lusadaran Armenian Photography Foundation with the support of Dalan Gallery, Yerevan. Known in Armenia as an actor, filmmaker, designer and as the co-creator of the synth-pop band ‘The Deenjes’, Vatinyan is also a practicing artist who works in various mediums.

Comprised of three series, the exhibition brings together Vatinyan’s diverse experiments with the photographic medium, all of which relate to the problematic yet often-unpredictable relationship between photographs, language and narrative. These works explore how banal images and ‘universal’ ways of seeing the world are transformed when they are inevitably subjected to translation in individual and local contexts. By doing so, Vatinyan materializes Jean-Luc Godard’s idea that ‘photography is not the reflection of reality. It is the reality of that reflection.’

Vigen Galstyan
Exhibition Curator
Lusadaran Armenian Photography Foundation

May 20 - June 7